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Welcome to the Oak Park and River Forest High School Scholarship Foundation Common Application Scholarship Portal

Anyone can browse our library of available scholarships.  Our scholarships are generally based on wide-ranging criteria including, but not limited to economic need, academic merit, volunteerism, talent and public service.  Current Seniors can log in to apply.  The Application may take 45 minutes or more to complete.

To be considered for Financial Need based scholarships, a Federal Student Aid Index (SAI) Estimator Questionnaire will be required.  Due to the delayed opening of the FAFSA, the selection committee will utilize the SAI.  A YES answer to any Financial Need based scholarship will trigger an 'Add Recommender' box.  You will need to provide the Full Name, Relationship to you and Email address for the Parent/Guardian who can complete and submit.  This Recommender will complete the form and the answers will appear in your application but will be blocked from your view.  Click here to view the Federal Student Aid Index Estimator.


If you have questions about the scholarships available, navigating the portal or would like information about connecting your scholarship opportunity with OPRFHS students, please click here to submit a request for assistance. 

STUDENT CONSENT TO RELEASE INFORMATION:  By entering this scholarship portal I affirm my understanding that my student information will be shared with members of the scholarship committee(s) of any scholarships for which I qualify, including academic information such as grade point average and financial information such as need, when appropriate and necessary for recipient selection. 

Other Community/Area scholarship opportunities: Community/Area Scholarships are separate from OPRFHS Foundation Scholarships. All communications will come from those entities, not OPRFSF.

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